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About Mega Artist Management

MEGA Promotions, is a booking and management company founded by  M a r c u s  L i n d n e r  and
Achim Zietz in Bremen Germany in 1991. Our main focus is Rock & Metal, but we have worked as well with Alternative and Mainstream Pop Music.

The head office was relocated to Denmark and from that location, we worked all over Europe in both the secular as well as in the Christian music market.

Mega has performed in the roles of management and or booking agents. We have worked with many international recording artists as well as with many Christian bands such as Mortification, Tourniquet, Tamplin and REZ / Resurrection Band to name a few.

We've promoted our Artists in many venues such as clubs, festivals, radio airplay, worldwide album releases and MTV.

In the 90’s MEGA was the only professional and independent booking agency that was putting
Christian Rock/Metal bands on tour in Europe. The new millennium calls for new challenges and people need more than ever to hear the good music that proclaims the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Music styles are quickly changing, but new and old styles of Rock & Metal will be a huge part of the music today and in the future. Rock & Metal will grow and increase. Rock & Metal will never die!

MEGA is ready to deliver premium music entertainment and serve serious artists on a professional level today and in the future.

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