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Bookings - Concerts in Deutschland / Europe / World:

Booking Info for Clubs, Festivals,
Concert Promoters, Churches, Youth-Groups

Seeking Artist Management?

Are You ready?

To build your career in music business? To work hard?

Are you looking for a new label deal or touring possibilities?

We are currently accepting demo / CD submissions.

The preferred format is CD, mp3-CD-R or DVD, you may also send your video as DVD (or VHS).

Do not send mp3 or anything else by email, emails with attachements will be immediately deleted!

Each submission should be legibly marked with complete information about how to contact you.

Include a copy of your booking schedule, a photo, bio, lyric-sheets, e-mail address and website.

Send us your best music CD or Video to:

MEGA, P.O. BOX 1268, D-89145 Feldstetten, Germany

Are You Ready!? 

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