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Germany & Europe

Deutschland 2011 
World Tour 2011-2013

Deutschland 2011

Aaarons Staff
2011 D / A / CH / IT / DK

Europe 2010-2011

David Benson
Sept./Oct. 2009

Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec. 2009

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2011 - January
NimRock "Resurrection" 
(working title) scheduled for Release in Spring 2011

2009 - December
NimRock :: Endorser for Hatari Guitar Recording Isolation Cabinet

2009 - May
David Benson :: Konzertbuchungen für September/Oktober 2009

2009 - April
Bardolino Beach Boys :: Spring Tour cancelled

2009 - March
David Benson's DBeality will be touring Europe in September 



Dbeality will be entering the Studio to finish recording their 2nd not yet titled release. The new release will be Produced by legendary Producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Dokken,Hall & Oates, Kansas) . Stay tuned for release dates......Drummer Robert Sweet of (Stryper) has laid the drum tracks on this 2nd release as well as on the self titled first release "Dbeality". - It's sounding great!

Also checkout Dbeality at Myspace http://www.myspace.com/dbeality1

... more news coming soon ...

2008 - September
David Benson's DBeality - European Tour  2008 - 2009
Booking & Info

2008 - May
Recording, Studio 1, Mai-Sept.

2008 - April

Elements of Rock Festival
  David Benson's Dbeality
25-APRIL-2008 Uster Switzerland

2008 - February

Aktuelle Interviews von
Arson, David Benson,
Kat und Alyssa findet Ihr auf 
folgender Website Interviews

David Benson's DBeality
with NARNIAs CJ & Andreas and Mick (Modest Attraction)
playing Elements Of Rock Festival - Switzerland
Anfragen für Konzerttermine in Deutschland / Österreich
richtet bitte an: David-D-AT-2008@MEGA-Mgt.com
Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Europe pls. contact:  eMail Bookings Europe

US Melodic Metal Rocker MESHEEN
seeking labe deal Europe / Japan

2008 - January

David Benson & Dbeality NOW Booking European Dates

Mai - Juni   2008   May - June

David Benson & Dbeality Dale Greer Robert Sweet Stryper Cornerstone 2007 2008

San Diego Technical Power/Prog Metal Band CATHARSIS
critically acclaimed 1995 Album
" Pathways To Wholeness" now available:  HatariMusic.com

NimRock & Lars Lelle are planning to record a cover version of
16 Tons  - " Devil Underwear"
dedicated to Drummer Randy Carr (August 13, 1956 - March 27, 2002)
  The band 16 Tons, though short-lived, received much critical acclaim
for their 1993 instrumental rock CD, Motorhome, !

Style/Sound: It's called "Surf-Metal-Punk-Rock"...
Randy Carr
Randy lived and worked in Fullerton, California. In addition to playing drums in local bands, he was a drum instructor and wrote the book, Advanced Grooves for the Advanced Drummer as an aid for his students.
He playeed with bands such as:  7th Grade, Silicone Silos, 16 Tons and Social Distortion.

Please see info on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Carr

German based DRUGUIT from Bamberg
looking for a Guitarist (Style: Korn, Kyuss, Druguit,...)

September 8, 2007

Dbeality European Tour re-scheduled for Summer 2008
US dates planned for Nov./Dec.

December, 2007

NimRock  back from Israel
Nimrock back from Israel Jerusalem Capharnaum

June 29, 2007
Dbeality will be playing the Cornerstone Festival on the Sanctuary stage in Chicago/Bushnell.
Cornerstone is the world largest Christian Music Festival. www.myspace.com/dbeality1

March 25, 2007

  Bardolino Beach Boys, Meet & Greet: 14-th. of April, 9:00 A.M.,
Hotel Alla Riviera,
Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy

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